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Tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, defeated, alone, or like you’re spinning your wheels? We provide education, tools and support so you can start living happier, today.


Happiness is a way of life.

Happiness isn’t just a one-dimensional emotion we feel when life is good. Happiness is making the most of life when it’s good, and using the right tools to deal with difficult circumstances and difficult emotions in positive ways. Our mission is to educate and support YOU in living happier each and every day. That’s why we’ve developed:

The Positive Attitude Lifestyle SystemTM or “PALS”

PALS is a unique, conscious-living system. It gives you concrete, immediately-usable life skills for living with more peace, joy and confidence. We offer a growing array of other resources and support to help you live authentically, with integrity. Choose from the following to get started:

Happiness Books

Are you a self-starter?

These books help you understand happiness, understand yourself, and give you a system for happier living.

The Shortcut to Happiness

Explore the philosophy of happiness: What IS happiness? Why is it so complicated? How can you feel happier
…starting right now?


Are You
Happy Now?

Happy Now takes a systematic approach to happiness.
Wondering what you can actually DO to be happy?
This is the book for you!

my happier life handbook

My Happier Life

This is a pocket-sized,
CliffsNotes version of Happy Now.
Take it with you everywhere you go to get laser-focused positivity–anytime you need it!


Coaching & Support

In a world that’s bringing each other down, we’re here to lift each other up!


Life Coaching

Find greater peace, self-love and life-satisfaction through individual coaching.


Online Groups

Raise your vibe each week with uplifting people and uplifting discussions!


Coming Soon!

An open forum for asking any questions you have about life and happiness.


Coming Soon!

Happiness and thriving go hand in hand. These groups support your thriving life!

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